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All correspondence and business communication should be addressed to:
International Studies: Interdisciplinary Political and Cultural Journal
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University of Lodz
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Essays should not exceed 5.000 words (20 standard pages) including tables and references. Announcements and reviews are restricted to 2000 words. Manuscripts should be delivered both on paper (three complete copies, printed on one side of the paper, format A4, double spaced, all margins 2,5 cm, justified, all pages numbered consecutively) and in electronic version. Papers submitted only in an electronic form will not be considered for publication. Contributors are also expected to supply their biographical blurb to be included in the publication (150 words) on a separate page and an abstract of not more than 100 words with 10 keywords (in addition to your abstract).

In the manuscript the author's name (bold, centered) should precede the title (bold, big letters). All tables and illustrations should be titled and numbered. Author's citations and explanatory notes should be numbered consecutively and placed underneath the relevant citation page, not at the end of the manuscript. References, both of citations and bibliography, should correspond to the following system e.g.:


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Sewerynski, M., "Legal Countermeasures Against Unemployment in Poland During Political System Transformation", International Studies: Interdisciplinary Political and Cultural Journal 1 (2000): 51-62.

online article:

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Manuscripts submitted must not be under simultaneous consideration by any other journal nor should they have been published in a substantially similar form.

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